Friday, January 11, 2013

I've Ordered My Chickie-Babies!

I'm so excited!

Last night I ordered my chicks ~ they'll be arriving in the middle of April, so that gives me time to build a stunning (lolol)  chicken coop for them.  (lololololololol ~ I have no skills at all!  I used to hold the wire, hold the hammer, hold the nails, find the measuring tape . . .  for my dad. )

All five of the chickens below will be arriving ~ plus a "Meal Maker".  Meyer's Hatchery has a special program going on to send you a free chick.  My mission will be to pass along free eggs from this chickie-baby to families who are in need.  So much better than getting one free "meat" chicken.  Just think how much protein my one little layer will be sharing around our little corner of the world!

Be sure to go to, look up chicks, and find out more about these great cuties!
These are my babies which will be arriving in about 3 months:

Barred Rock

Golden Buff ~ or Cinnamon Queen

Columbian Wyandotte

Buff Orpington


Black Austrolorp  


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