Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year

What are my resolutions for the new year?
I don't really make resolutions.
Because I know they will be broken in no time at all.

Instead, I'll work on my goals for this year.
Goals infer moving toward somethiing ~
    but also give you space to make a mistake . . .
       to reconsider . . . .
           to reshape it into a reality.

So, goals it shall be.  (You do notice that I am NOT saying "Wishes"!)
   Goals I work at.  Wishes I dream about.

1.  To grow closer to the One who loves me best.
           To see as He sees . . .  love as He loves . . . . 

2.  One goal ~ as every other year's first goal was:  lose weight/get healthy.  (sigh)
             Maybe not to weigh 150 like I used to ~ but to be less than I am now!

3.   ~ chicken coop.  Make it a reality this year, even if I only have them for a year or two!

4.   ~  paint ~ at least 2 new paintings each month.

5.   ~ finish the letters I began for each of the children when I found out that
                 I have an aneurysm on the root of my aorta.  Fill them with love and dream . . .

6.   ~  bees?

7.   ~ write, write, write. 

               and #8. ~  Perhaps the most important ~ To become

   the leading lady in my own life ~
      not an observer.
          To MAKE things happen . . . not just to allow and work with what DOES happen.
              To learn to love me.
                  who I am now . . .
                       and who I will be tomorrow
                             and through this next year.

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