Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Almost Gotcha Day!

Bryant, Sharon, and Heather are in China and will be meeting Holly soon!  Here's the blog to follow ~

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pete the Cat Comes Home!

So, Pete the Cat decided to come home with me over Fall Break.  He's going to be going home with my kindergarteners every weekend, so he decided to come with the teacher as a trial run. 

It was so chilly this weekend that I decided to make a pumpkin pie.  I mean, come on!  Cool weather, leaves beginning to change, a fire in the wood stove . . . who doesn't want pumpkin pie?

Well, Pete did NOT.  But did Pete cry?  Goodness, no!  He decided he wanted to make molasses cookies . . . . those yummy gingersnaps that you take out of the oven before they get crispy.  In fact, Pete decided he wanted to make enough for all the boys and girls in our room.  YUM!

Pete knows I need my coffee before I start making cookies.

Pete had to try a little first.  He likes the whipped cream but was not happy about the coffee.

Pete watched the cookie mixture go round and round.  He was very careful not to fall in.

Pete's guarding the little mini pies. He won't let me eat one!

Did Pete cry when I told him to give the cookie back?  Goodness no!

Afterward, we spent some time at the computer while he showed me previews of some good books.