Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taking My Breath Away!

 I have to share this, but I have no photos to prove it!

This afternoon I refilled (again!) the hummingbird feeder on the carport. As I hung it up (at about eye level), the little hummingbirds were hovering, just waiting to get to it. I put my hands behind my back and stayed right where I was ~ about 6 - 10 inches from the feeder.

After a minute, the hummingbirds began swooping all around me. Finally, one little female stopped for a drink. 
Then dozens of little birds were flying all around my face ~ 
in between me and the feeder, 
around my head ~ 
so close that their tiny wings were fanning my face. 
To be right in the middle of all these tiny flying miracles was . . . . well ~ It was one of the most amazing 15 minutes I've ever had! 
 Lolol ~ I plan to do it again tomorrow!
Here are some photos from yesterday . . . . .