Sunday, February 19, 2012


What all this about getting old?  I mean, really ~ when did it happen?

For so many years, I had little ones frisking around underfoot like a whole bunch of overexuberant puppies.  (Truly!  I have 6 children.  The oldest was 12 when the youngest was born.  They were almost like puppies.  Especially when they were between 2 and 6 years old.  I really miss them!)

Boy, do I miss them.  They are all grown up.  All grown up and living their own lives.  With their own families.  Doing all the things I was doing when they were little.  (Wondering if they will EVER get old enough to do anything on their own!)

Yes, as a mom I used to wonder and wish just that . . . 
That they would be able to do something on their own.
That they would quit fussing and get along.
That they would eat their dinner ~
     and that they would eat it slower.
(They informed me recently that if they ate slower they wouldn't get seconds . . .)
That they would pick up their things and be a little neater.
That I would have ten minutes of peace and quiet . . . .

Now I don't wish for that.
Now that's my everyday life.

Unless I go to visit my babies!!!!
Because, YES, some of them have babies for me!
I have four ~ no, I have five (she's due in a few weeks!).
And I just got to see my long-distance grandson this weekend!

Yes, my grandson is EXTREMELY talented!

Becki, her mom, and I are on the way to the baby shower.

My other grandbabies are growing up, too!
Here's an up-to-date photo of these two sisters and my other grandson who lives near me.

Three cousins at Stephen's birthday
Babies ~ aren't they wonderful????

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Things

One thing I love about Pinterest is that I can collect all the new things I want to try someday ~ and fortunately for me, Pinterest holds onto them for me.  I don't lose them in drawers or in stacks of papers.  In fact, I don't have to write them down at all!  Thank you Pinterest for helping me appear more organized!

One thing I've been watching is the homemade laundry detergent.  I was sure this meant it was for regular washers, but I've since been informed by Sugar Pie Farmhouse that she uses it in her HE washer and everything is wonderful there!  So, this is on my next to-do list!

You'll have to go to Sugar Pie's blog to see the recipe.  It looks easy ~ and it sounds workable!  She had pictures and everything.  All you need are four ingredients, available at any store  . . .  and if no where else, Walmart carries them, of course!

They cost me about $10.00 and made about 12 pounds of detergent.  Now to try it!!!

Okay, I tried this laundry detergent mix.  And I've already washed one load of clothes.  They are very nice and clean ~ but not much fragrance at all.  Fragrance is pretty big with me.  I like them to smell really good.  That means ~ to me ~ that they are nice and clean!

So, how do I add a nice fragrance?  I'll have to think this through and see what I come up with.

Right now, I have a bedspread in the wash with the new detergent.  It's my test case, because it's the blanket that the cat and dog like to lie on.  Ha!  We'll see how this goes.